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The "featured hosta" section aims to illustrate the wide variety of hosta sizes, shapes, colors, etc.  Individual plants are mostly chosen at the whim of the webmaster. :)

June 9 featured hosta:


"Sno Cone"  by R. Solberg  (r2009)

Meteorological summer has arrived and temperatures are going up, so it's time for a Sno Cone!

This sport from Night Before Christmas has thick leaves that emerge white with a dark green border.  It forms a nice clump about 10" H, 24" W and has light lavender flowers in mid-season.



June 2 featured hosta:


"Wheee!"  by Walters Gardens 

Who needs a roller coaster when you have "Wheee!"? 

From the SHADOWLAND® Collection of Walters Gardens:  Extremely ruffled, cream colored margins extend from the tip of each green leaf all the way down the petiole to the crown.  This ruffled margin is evident even in the juvenile stage of the plant before vernalization.  The leaves of this medium sized hosta are of excellent substance, making them slug resistant in the landscape. 


May 26 featured hosta:


"Kaleidochrome"  by M. Zilis (2009; r2018)

Now, for something a bit different:  This plant was obtained from a garden center in Kanuma City, Japan, with parentage unknown.  It is streaked and mottled.  It forms a mound about 10" H and 22" W. 



May 19 featured hosta:


"Dancing Queen"  by K. Terpening (2005; r2009)

2020 Hosta of the Year! This beauty is definitely one the best medium/large gold-leaf hostas ever introduced. Its gorgeous large golden leaves have a piecrust or wavy edge.  It forms a distinctive 18" tall x 36" wide clump that demands attention!


The song "Dancing Queen" was released by ABBA in 1976; it's the original and forever best version, with Frida and Agnetha!  :)

Dancing Queen 0M6A9945.jpeg

May 12 featured hosta:

"Silly String", by Hans Hansen


This is a hybrid from  'Curly Fries'.  Much like its parent, 'Silly String' has long, narrow leaves with lots of ruffles. The plant starts out blue in the spring and turns more blue-green by mid- summer. An excellent grower, 'Silly String' quickly forms a neatly tangled clump about 14" tall and 28" wide.  It has fertile, light purple flowers in mid-summer.


May 5 featured hosta:


"Roderick", by Russ O'Harra


This cultivar of unidentified parentage (but likely H. 'Elatior'), was registered by Russ O'Harra in 1999. It forms a giant size mound up to 37 inches in height with a spread of 83 inches. The leaves are ovate, generally smooth textured, have a thick underside bloom and good substance. Its very pale lavender flowers bloom on 48 inch tall scapes.


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