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Organized March 7, 1993
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Russ O’Harra and His Work

Our most well known mid-West hybridizer of the genus Hosta was Russ O’Harra.
His work was displayed in a thumbnail sized garden behind the home where he and Rosanne resided.

To the credits of Russ’s work, this list indicates his constant attention to the hosta.

Plant Name
Bobbin ‘Silver Kabitan’ Sport
Claire deLune Unknown Unknown
Diva Unknown Unknown
Elizabeth Levy ‘pycnophylla’ Seed
Feather Boa ‘Subcrocea’ Sport
Fleeta Brownell ‘Tokumdama’ derivation Seed
Ga-Ga Unknown Unknown
Gingee Sieboldlii ‘subcrocea’ Seed
**Green Lantern Unknown  
Grimes Golden   Unknown
Ground Sulphur ‘sieboldii subcrocea’ hybrid Seed
Gypsy Boa Unknown Unknown
Janet ‘Fortunei’ ‘Janet’ Sport
Lime Shag sieboldi f spathulata Seed
Ming Dynasty Unknown Unknown
O’Harra Unknown Unknown
Olive Bailey Langdon ‘sieboldiana’ Sport
Pearl Buttons ‘venusta’ hybrid Seed
Plumb Bob Unknown Unknown
Popo Unknown Unknown
Quilting Bee Unknown Unknown
Roderick Unknown Unknown
Rosanne Unknown Unknown
Russ O’Harra nigrescens “Elatior’ selection Seed
Russell Lee Unknown Unknown
Shirley Levy Unknown Unknown
Silver Anniversary Unknown Unknown
Spit Shine ‘plantaginea’ hybrid Seed
Spun Sulphur sieboldii Subcrocea Seed
Sun Banner ‘Sun Power’ Sport
Taffeta ventricosa Aureomarginata Seed
The Sun King Unknown Unknown
Yellow Boa ‘subcrocea’ hybrid Seed
Yellow Submarine Unknown Unknown
**O’Harra & Frank Riehl

Thanks to Mike Lemke’s records on the genus Hosta for this list of Russ O’Harra introductions.