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Organized March 7, 1993
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2018 Summer Garden Tour

Sunday, July 22, 2018
9:00 AM - ?

Date: Sunday July 22

Start Time: 9:00 am

What: Five gardens for touring, catered BBQ lunch, and plant auction!

Start Location: Nila & Roy Landsberger, 305 Hickory Lane, Painted Rocks Subdivision, Otley, IA (full details provided below)

Final Location: Randy, Diane, & Bob Wilson Gardens, 1741 Newbold Dr., Knoxville, IA.

Tour Cost: None

Lunch Cost: $10.00/person. Special deal! Lunch cost will be refunded at check-out if you brought or buy a hosta or other auction item that has value of $10+! One lunch "refund" per person.

Lunch: Catered BBQ lunch (pulled pork, chicken, cowboy beans, cole slaw, drinks, dessert).

Lunch Time: Approximately noon.

Lunch/Auction location: Wilson's Gardens.

Auction: 120 more/less hosta donated by Jim & Sheila Hartmann/Harmony Lane Hosta in Plymouth, MN, plus other plants and materials donated by club members. Auction will follow the lunch, starting after lunch. Please bring cash or checks (no credit cards).

Bathrooms: Several stores (e.g., Caseys, Hy-Vee) along the route, and a port-a-potty available at the lunch/auction site.

Who: ROHS members, friends, family, anybody who is interested in hosta, plants, gardening!

Bring: Mosquito repellant, sunscreen, lawn chair, auction donations, cash/checkbook, tolerance for directions and gravel, snacks/beverage for touring, hats, appetite, enthusiasm & curiosity for the auction, and whatever else makes you comfortable for the weather.

2018 Tour/Auction Background Story

First, let me start by providing a sincere apology for the delay in developing and relaying the information for this event! Short version is my garden's name is "Good Intentions" and that term describes much of what I do in life.

Long version is as follows. At the spring ROHS meeting in April, 2018, ROHS President Janann Abels described a possible opportunity to harvest some hosta from her dear friends in MN, Jim & Sheila Hartmann. Janann reported that Jim had contacted her with a desire to share some of his extensive hosta collection. Jim did not want his plants to become "lost," as he is managing a severe illness and is unable to care for his landscape and former retail collection. At the spring meeting time, Jim & Sheila were still in their winter mode (RV living in Arizona), so it took some time and multiple communications to identify date and plan to have some ROHS members come up to MN for the harvest. Very challenging to find a mutually-convenient date involving several different people from 4 or 5 different locations. Eventually we found Mother's Day weekend, David renting a U-Haul trailer (repairing truck-trailer electrical connections) to bring along with his pick up truck, Janann to squeeze in this weekend before her son's graduation and also delay her Mother's Day celebration, collection of enough various-sized plant pots, markers, etc.; obtaining planting medium (generously donated by Deke & Marilyn Gliem), and coordination of ROHS/hosta friends Sheila & Dave (?) to arrange their anniversary celebration to the Minneapolis area so they could help with the harvest dig. Are you starting to get the idea of how complicated this was? And this was only the harvest part! Sheila & Jim had JUST returned from AZ, and after introductions and visiting, the dig was on...in occasional drizzle/rain the first day, and full sun warmth on the second day of the 2-day harvest. The harvest team of Jim, Janann, Sheila, Dave (?), & David identified, divided, dug, split, carried, potted, labelled, carried again, placed, and then loaded about 150 plants into the truck and trailer. A total of 17 bags of potting mix from IA and some MN soil were used. A variety of larger empty pots were left behind as there was "no room in the inn" after cramming plants into the truck/trailer, including Janann balancing some of her luggage with her in the truck. Jim & Sheila Hartmann were very gracious hosts in providing refreshments, Saturday dinner, lodging (David in the just-cleaned RV, Janann in the house), and sharing of many intriguing stories of hosta, health, travels, art, work, and life in the 60-70's! Their generosity in sharing their plant collection from the 1980's-2010 is SO appreciated. Jim & Sheila had operated their retail business "Harmony Lane Hosta" until about 2010 when health issues surfaced, but we could have had sales during the collection dig as people noticed the large number of hosta potted and parked on the driveway and then inquired about purchasing plants. The truck/trailer safely made it to Ogden, IA where some plants and Janann were delivered, and then continued on to Dettmann's "Good Intentions" garden in Pella, IA at about midnight, Sunday/Monday. Truck/trailer were unloaded and the trailer was returned Monday 8am. David continues to plant-sit the harvested hosta herd; only 2 plants have been "lost" (so far) and most plants benefitted from David's hosta-hustles (moving them under cover) during 3 (so far) severe weather events (some minor hail damage though). Thanks to all of the participants in the harvest adventure! These plants will be the base of the 2018 auction; ROHS members are invited to bring their own contributions, but probably it is prudent to be "less generous" than in past years, as we already have about 120 plants and this will be a long auction. If you bring items for the auction, please bring them to the final garden stop, #5 (Wilson Gardens)-THANK YOU for the donations and help!


Tour Gardens in sequence, with garden descriptions and driving directions as appropriate at time of writing (some road work may be a factor):

1. NILA & ROY LANDSBERGER'S GARDEN in Painted Rocks Addition, 305 Hickory Lane, Otley, IA. From IA Hwy 14 coming from the north (e.g., US 163 or I-80), go past Marion County road G28 and JUST after crossing a short bridge (across a bay of Lake Red Rock), look for "Painted Rocks Addition" sign on the right & turn RIGHT onto a GRAVEL road (Erbe Dr.). If coming from the south (e.g., Knoxville), go across the mile-long bridge, watch for "Painted Rocks" sign on left, and turn LEFT on to Erbe Dr.). Go approximately 0.7 mile, and turn LEFT on to 122nd Place (will see green vine-covered silo near the intersection). Go past interesting historical site of "Former town of Red Rock-underwater" and Red Rock Cemetery, approximately 0.4 mile to Landsberger's Garden at 305 Hickory Lane. Park along the road or in driveway-be careful of parking on road corners! Garden directions are to the right of the house, & counter-clockwise around the back of the house.

Garden description: Nila is a Master Gardener, long-time very active member of the Knoxville Federated Garden Club, and manager of the Knoxville Hy-Vee Garden Center for about 15 years. She and her husband Roy started their home garden in 1995, after a garage was added to the house, and the floods of 1993 (Lake Red Rock nearly got their house-ask for the "beachmark"!). Nila describes herself "as a collector, I'm not a landscaper, but I want one of everything." Her favorites include a struggling tri-color beech ("I want it to grow!"), a 7-sons tree, and an impressive 3 year old "Empress Wu" ("this one is in the right spot!"). Roy built a series of raised herb garden beds along the north side of the house to serve as erosion control for the uphill farmer's prior practice of cultivating to the fence line. Note: Nila kindly provided referrals for several possible garden tour sites for our enjoyment; thanks!

2. JULIE DOTTERER'S GARDEN, 314 Hickory Lane, Otley, IA: this is the easy one! Start return to Hwy 14 by going about a quarter-mile to 314 Hickory Lane. Park alongside road-carefully! Julie has a collection of "hosta in the wild" and you'll enjoy her view of Lake Red Rock from the deck and hosta gardens.

Garden description: Julie got her gardening background from her mother Ruth Dotterer, who not only had a green house, collected & hybridized hosta, and was a friend of Russ O'Harra (and both were former members of ROHS), but is also a much appreciated wood carver (I have one of her hand-carved wooden Santa ornaments). Julie's parents lived in Painted Rocks Addition since 1969 and her hosta-holic mom got her started in hosta/gardening in 1990 when Julie got her current house on the lake, just down the road from her parents. Hosta & day lilies were transplanted from the parent's house, and many have been shared with neighbors and friends. Ruth now resides in a nursing/assisted living situation, still active in wood carving. Julie has focused on hosta, and her late-husband Doug planted the few sunny areas on their lot-she has kept her promise of maintaining sun plants for his garden ("he put up with me and my hostas, and he liked his flowers!"). The flood of '93 disrupted their garden somewhat. Most remarkably, Julie is an international teacher (Berlin-before & after the wall, and where she met her husband who also was an international teacher; China, Turkey, Taiwan, Abu Dubai-past 15 years as librarian) and is only "home" at her Painted Rocks house for Christmas and about 8-10 weeks during the summer. She is a whirlwind of activity during the summer: cleaning, mulching, weeding, planting, AND enjoying her hosta garden and the lake view. Julie plans to retire in 2 years, and live full time at her Painted Rocks home. She thought carefully in identifying her favorite hosta (as she has fond attachment to plants from her mom): "Regal Splendor."

3. DEB & JOHN BREES GARDEN, 1418 Sunrise Dr., ("Westridge area") Knoxville, IA 50138: From the Painted Rocks gardens, return to Hwy 14 by following 122nd Place to Erbe St., turn RIGHT on to Erbe St. and follow the gravel road to Hwy 14. Turn RIGHT on to Hwy 14, go across the mile-long bridge, and travel to Knoxville. Watch for speed limit changes (55 to 45 to 35): at about where it becomes 35 mph, turn RIGHT on to JACKSON St. (across from VA Clinic, just before Dollar General Store & a restaurant on corner), follow Jackson St. to W. LARSON St., go LEFT on W. Larson, follow to SUNRISE DR., turn LEFT on Sunrise Dr., go to near end at 1418 Sunrise Dr. Park along street where available. It is possible that the current construction will evolve to require changes by time of tour, so good luck with problem solving! Sorry.

Garden Description: Deb & John Brees started planting hosta when they moved in about 20 years ago..."hosta were great plants for all of the shade." They now have about 100 plants-including some volunteers, and have been significantly challenged and frustrated by the neighborhood deer herd (almost tame) despite trying numerous interventions short of fencing or having a pet mountain lion. Deb doesn't usually label plants now, and would be interested in identification help, as well as learned-opinions regarding 2 possible HVX plants.

4. KATHY & CLIFF DOUGLAS GARDEN at 1465 S. Shore Dr., Knoxville, IA 50138: reverse course from Brees garden (Sunrise Dr, RIGHT on to W. Larson, RIGHT on W. Jackson) and then RIGHT on Hwy 14/N. LINCOLN St. Go 1.1 miles, following N. Lincoln St. past Knoxville Race Museum (bathroom options on left side-Caseys, Hy-Vee), Medicap Pharmacy, thru intersection with Business 5/Pleasant St., past Knoxville Middle School (on right) and Knoxville HS football stadium (on left), to stop light at ROBINSON St. (Casey's #2, bathrooms again, on left). Turn LEFT on Robinson St., and go 1.2 miles, following it thru downtown Knoxville, past Marion County Courthouse square, to Attica Rd. Turn RIGHT on to Attica Rd. Go 1.3 miles/follow Attica Rd past Pine Knolls Country Club and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, turn LEFT on to S. VIEW Dr. (blue storage sheds on corner), go 0.4 miles on S. View Dr. to T-intersection, go RIGHT on S. SHORE Dr., 0.2 miles to 1465 (red brick house on left side, likely a "For Sale" sign in yard). Park carefully along the street-watch for slopes/ditches.

Garden Description: Kathy & Cliff Douglas Garden has a variety of plants, including hosta, encircling their lake-side home. Features include a backyard patio, hot tub, small water feature, and hosta that have been purchased, volunteered, shared, divided, and enjoyed; and inspired others to plant.

5. Lunch & auction site of BOB/RANDY/DIANE WILSON GARDEN, 1471 Newbold Dr., Knoxville, IA: From Douglas Garden, short drive to end of S. Shore Dr. makes for an easy turn-around in the cul-de-sac, and return to Attica Rd. via S. Shore Dr., turn LEFT on to S. View Dr. At Attica Rd. stop sign/intersection, turn LEFT on to Attica Rd. which becomes Hwy 5. Go 0.8 mile/follow Attica Rd./Hwy 5 across Hwy. 92 4-lane bypass, and turn LEFT on to NEWBOLD Dr. (before Bingley Sale Barn on right side of Attica Rd.). CAREFULLY follow Newbold Dr., going 0.8 miles on pavement, then road becomes GRAVEL on a downhill section-remember that I capitalized "Carefully" for reasons!- with multiple gravel hills. Watch (and stop at) for stop sign at 165th St., 2.0 miles from where you started on Newbold. Continue straight on Newbold Dr. for 0.6 miles and go SLOW (I capitalized this to alert you-go SLOW) down a right-curving gravel hill (if you don't go SLOW, you will short-cut your trip to Wilson Gardens-assuming you are successful in a "Duke's of Hazzard" jump across the creek when you go sliding off Newbold Dr.) and then mostly around a sharp left turn to 1741 Newbold Dr. (you will see a sign for "Cottonwood" on the right, and "Barnett Coal Co. 1936-1947" on the Wilson Garden side). Turn into driveway and follow to where the sign (maybe) will divert you across the grass to park anywhere you can (Randy likely will "red flag" the septic field-please be respectful, otherwise after you go, they can't). Registration, plant donation, and lunch ticket tables will hopefully be found. Yea-congratulations for getting to the Wilson Gardens! Now what? Wander around, tour, and marvel at the hosta, garden art, trees, day lilies (which should be spectacular), paths, and wonder/ask about the site history (this was an active coal mine until 1947, you are walking thru the location of the former 3-story coal tipple house, scale platform, loading areas, etc.)! Lunch at approximately noon. Auction at approximately 12:45 pm.

Garden Description: Where to start?! Bob & Randy Wilson began active gardening in 1992 with a 12 x6 perennial bed started by their father..."Randy was weeding it, so I asked if I could help..." which exploded into an impressive (translation = wow) series of evolving perennial beds. This became a very popular (translation = many area people have plant offspring, and many people tour/travel to the site especially for the day lilies) extensive hosta and day lily retail business (1998-2010?) including a 94' x 12' shade house in conjunction with their hosta & day lily hybridizing programs. Bob notes that Randy owns 40 acres, and yet Bob lusts after the adjoining northeastern border timber which "would be perfect for more hosta beds." They have applied 3x for coal mine reclamation, but have yet to be considered a priority due to "low visibility." Bob continues with day lily hybridizing, focusing on very tall, spiders, streaks & stipples, black & whites, doubles, splotches, unusual forms, and platforms. When the hosta are coming up and growing, they are Bob's favorites. By early July, his mouth waters (and so do the neighborhood deer) for day lilies. Wilsons have been challenged by frequent creek flooding (ask about how close to the house!)-wiping out plants & markers; losing significant shade trees (recent loss resulting in eliminating 1 hosta bed; Bob wants a new daylily bed, Randy wants lawn, so it might be a 50/50 change). They have many beds of mature clumps, many saved volunteers/seedlings, a Trudy/Bruce Van Wyk seedling bed which are mostly streakers (it is okay to look), and many beds in states of change. As Bob states: "always so much that I want to do, but I take it one day at a time. What I don't get done this year, will be waiting next year. Plus, I have my daylilies which I hybridize in July. I like the activity, the quietude and the pleasure it gives me with these two plants." Randy loves gardening, too, and involves himself mostly with edibles and lots of pumpkins...and mowing and spraying. Prediction: some folks may be disappointed by not having more time to tour, but likely you can return!

JIM & SHEILA HARTMANN HARVESTED PLANT LIST: To prompt your hosta salivation, the following is a somewhat complete and alphabetical (but subject to change) list of hosta harvested from Harmony Lanes Hosta in Plymouth MN. Plant sizes range from 1 good division to sizable clumps of many divisions, so have room for some very large pots/plants! Start with 2 of Jim's introductions ("Polish Prince" & "Mr. Jameson"). Add American Dream, Allegan Emperer, American Dream, American Icon, Atlantis, August Beauty, Birchwood Parky Gold, Black Hills, Blue Angel, Bitsy Gold, Brass Horn, Cathedral Windows, Captain Kirk, Cutting Edge, Cerveza, Daybreak, Days End, Deja Blue, Devon Green, Diana Remembered, Derriere (OS? or very rare?), Dragon Tails, Embroidery, Fire Island, Fragrant Fire, Fujibotan, Fool's Gold, Gaijin, Garden Treasure, Geisha (or is it Ani Machi?), Golden Sculpture, George Smith, Golden Anniversary, Gunsmoke, Green Smash, Great American Expectations, Harry Vander Laar, Hadspen Blue, Heatwave, Harmony, Holy Mole, Hyuga Urajro, Indiana Knight, Iron Gate Delight, Jack of Diamonds, John Denver, Kiwi Blue Baby, King Tut, Katsuragama Beni, Komodo Dragon, Korean Snow, Kinbotan, Lemon Frost, Leola Fraim, Little Doll, Lime Fizz, Little Rooster, Litter Wonder Streaked, Lily Pad, Lady Isabel Barnet, Lil' Abner, Lakesides Old Smokey, Cupcake, Rhapsody, Shoremaster, Sparkle Plenty; Magic Fire, Marble Cream, Mastadon, Marrachi (?), Maraschino Cherry, Midnight Ride, Minuteman, Miss Saigon, Mistress Mabel, Moby Dick, Moonlight, Moonlight Sonata, Moonstruck, Midwest Magic, Mojito, Olympic Edger, Olive Bailey Landon, Paradise Joyce, Paradise Backstage, Paradise Island, Paradise Power, Paradise Glory, Paradise Sunshine, Patrician, Paul Revere, Pilgrim, Prairie Magic, Raspberry Sorbet, Ringtail, Rickrack, Rock Island Line, Royalty, Royal Flush, Sea Gulf Stream, Sea Prize, Sea Thunder, Sgt. Pepper, Savana, Showboat, Secret Love, Salute, Shiny Penny, Sliced Lemon, Sparkling Burgandy, Spartacus, Stained Glass, Stiletto, Squash Casserole, Summer Breeze, Summer Lovin', Summer Serenade, Sunkissed, Sunny Disposition, Sunlight Child, Swoosh, Sutter's Mill, Super Bowl, Tea & Crumpets, Teaspoon, The Razor's Edge, Torchlight, Tortilla Chips, and Warwick Ballerina. And of course, there are 2 pots of No ID! The listing will hopefully give you time to check your collections and dreams/wishes/wants.


Please send reservations to be RECEIVED BY FRIDAY JULY 20 with payment ($10/person) to David Dettmann, ROHS Treasurer, 122 Bluegill Ct. Pella, IA 50219-7513. If you want me to arrange vegetarian Subway sandwich (same cost) to be used in conjunction with general sides, etc., please note this on your reservation. There MAY be a small number of lunches available without reservation. You also are welcome to arrange your own lunch, but understand the lunch location is not near resources.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: Please contact David Dettmann at 641-627-5097 (home landline), 641-230-1611 (cell), or bdd5097@yahoo.com.

WEATHER ISSUES: Unless severe weather is highly forecast/expected/occurring, the tour/lunch/auction will be held. Rescheduling is subject to availability of tour gardens, etc.

THANK you to garden hosts, contributors, and potential participants, and especially to Jim & Sheila Hartmann and Janann Abels!